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You are are community leader? Komunumo makes your life a lot easier! Eveything you need to run your community in one place, for free! Komunumo is an open source community management software which assists you in all tasks managing a community like a user group.

With Komunumo you can manage your community members (including self-management), organize events (including registration), send out newsletters, manage your sponsors and a lot more.

Komunumo is open source software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) and free to use for everyone. Komunumo is being developed by a very ambitious group of people, who are very active in different communities and give their free time for this project. Nobody earns money with Komunumo.

For development we use a GitHub repository, where we track all issues like feature requests and bugs.

We use the Java programming language and the Vaadin framework for the server. For this website we just use static HTML 5 and GitHub Pages. Komunumo is not finished yet, it is under heavy development and any kind of help is highly appreciated!